About Us



Ambassador services a large number of residence, shelter, daycare and beacon programs for profit and not for profit and public agencies in the greater New York area. We are a publicly listed firm formed in 1961. A hallmark of our firm's programs has always been our responsive service on an individualized basis to all our clients, no matter how large or small. Remember "bigger is not always better".


Ambassador designs its services to meet our customer's specific needs. Our long experience has taught us that every customer has differing objectives and prerequisites. In the new millennium, Ambassador is still deeply committed to the old fashioned principles of careful cost controls with state-of-the-art equipment provided by dependable, on-time personnel.



Ambassador management personnel have had substantial experience in  personnel training, small group dynamics, and university experience. Our most important personnel objective is to sensitize employees to consumer needs. This is accomplished by our regular site visitation, in-service training, and managerial apprenticeship programs. Also each of Ambassador's kitchen facilities has on staff, a full time qualiity control supervisor to ensure maximum efficient food service preparation and delivery.



Ambassador operates on seven-day, twenty-four hour basis. All operational supplies are warehoused locally. Distribution and service, provided by Ambassador personnel also operate at all times. Ambassador's menu cycles provide a full range of high quality, nutritionally balanced entrees, which meet or exceed federally recommended daily nutritional allowance and the City of New York's food standard requirements. All foodstuffs are presented in a attractive, appealing manner and prepared in a home-style fashion which assures that their taste is well received by our clients.


Ambassador provides insurance coverage, which holds its clients harmless from any claims against Ambassador's services. This insurance coverage is provided at no cost to the client. The policy or policies representing same are available upon request.